The Best Part Of Waking Up…

June 24, 2010

…Is definitely NOT Folgers in your cup. Remember that commercial from the 80s, the one where the grown son sneaks into the house early on Christmas morning and starts brewing a pot of coffee (he looks like he’s straight out of an Eddie Bauer catalog if that helps jog your memory). Then the rest of the family, catching a whiff of that stellar brew, wake up with smiles on their faces, jump out of bed, run downstairs and hug in front of the Christmas tree. Afterwards, they all sit around happily sipping piping hot cups of Folgers. Ring any bells? I’ve seen that commercial about a million times since it was on a VHS tape of Anne of Green Gables that we taped off the TV one year, a video that I proceeded to watch over and over well into my teenage years. What can I say, I love Anne of Green Gables.

But I digress. I have a feeling that if that commercial were real life, the grins on their faces may not have been nearly as wide had they actually been drinking Folgers. Perhaps it would be a different story though if the coffee in their mugs was single origin (you can look on a map and know exactly where your specific bag of coffee was grown, farm and everything), Artisan roasted (probably that very same day), and delivered (yes, I said delivered) right to their doorstep in time for breakfast. If those were the circumstances, that commercial might not even seem the least bit cheesy.

Well my friends, that was the cup of coffee I had this morning (minus the delivery, I picked it up at the farmers market instead) from Roast, inc. They’re a company based in Nashville whose goal is to bring you the best cup of Artisan coffee and along the way make you a little more conscious of what you’re drinking. They describe themselves as a coffee CSA, specialize in nano to micro lot single origin coffee (small batches of beans) and they give more than 25% of their profits to charities that benefit the growers, as well as to their respective countries. It’s a win-win-win-win cup of coffee. And as I mentioned above, they deliver. Like the modern day version of the milk man in Leave It To Beaver. Only better.

For those of you who are like me and up until this point thought you’d been French Pressing your coffee the right way, let me indulge you with the proper ratio and technique.

How To French Press Coffee

• Bring 8 ounces of water to boil per cup of coffee you want

• Grind your beans and put them, 2 Tablespoons per cup, in the press

• Once the water starts to boil, pour over grounds

• Let sit about 1 minute, then stir

• Let the coffee steep another 3 minutes

• Press, Pour and Enjoy!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad! You’ve come a long way from your Sanka days in the 80s!


2 Responses to “The Best Part Of Waking Up…”

  1. Kimber Says:

    I luuuuuv that commercial, and remember thinking when I saw it for the first each year, ”
    Okay, I guess Christmas is just a month away…”. Some how, the revamped version from last year when the student was coming home from Africa just didn’t do it for me… Thanks for the memory, my Dear! Happy java-ing… 🙂

    • They actually ran the original version last year and for a second I thought it was 1985 again, or a glitch in the Matrix. I love it almost as much as Anne Of Green Gables!

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