Meet Steve Taylor

August 30, 2010

Meet Steve Taylor. Since opening day 16 years ago, Steve has been a daily patron of Bongo Java. “When I moved here 20 years ago from L.A., I couldn’t believe you couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee in this town. So when Bongo opened, it was a pretty big deal.” Over the years, a casual cup of coffee has turned into hours upon hours spent working in the back room of Bongo on Belmont. “I joke about it being my office,” he says, with a laugh, “But it’s actually kind of true.”

Steve, a film maker and musician, spent a solid year writing the screenplay for his first feature length film, The Second Chance, in that back room office. And same goes for much of the work he and his partners have done on their latest film, Blue Like Jazz, based on the book by the same title. This movie is a fish-out-of-water type story, about a guy who grows up in the Bible Belt of Texas and moves to Portland, Oregon to attend Reed College, a “Nerds Gone Wild sort of place with a lot of really smart kids who took a lot of drugs.” They hope to start filming soon.

It wasn’t until seven years ago that film making became Steve’s full time profession. Before the switch, he was a music producer both here and in L.A. After college the music opportunities came first, so he thought, “Well, it’ll probably be easier to do music while I’m still young and wait on film making, rather than the reverse,” an approach that has worked out quite well for him. He tells me the most memorable story from his music days was during a recording session when he got a call from Bret Michaels of Poison (or Rock of Love, depending on your generation). Thinking it was a prank call from a friend, he “proceeded to tell Mr. Michaels how thoroughly his band sucked.” Perhaps it was not the best approach to take with a potential client, someone simply calling to inquire about having their demo produced by your studio, but at least it makes for a good story. “In retrospect, even though what I expressed to Mr. Michaels was factually true, I’d nonetheless like to apologize if I caused offense.”

These days, aside from working on his upcoming film, Steve has recently started a band with some friends. At the moment, he doesn’t have many details on the project other than that he will be the lead singer and the music will be good, so stay tuned. For now, he and his band mates meet once a week to talk about logistics, but in an effort to get a little time away from the office, they meet at Bongo East.


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