The Honey Farm In Photos

October 8, 2010

My friend Brad came to visit last week for a few days, so on Friday I took him along with me to Ed Johnson’s Honey Farm about 20 minutes north of Nashville.  At least I think it’s north, we got lost a couple times on the way, a constant reminder that I still don’t know where anything is out here.  Ah well, one day perhaps.

It was fun bringing someone along who’s never really been to the South since each farm is it’s own unique southern experience.  And this farm was definitely not the tourist version of Nashville.  The Johnson’s have been living here since 1918 and my guess is that not much has changed since then; there are beehives everywhere, piles of wood that Robert uses to make the hives, two hundred free range chickens roaming around, cases of honey and bees galore.  Everything is rickety and old and worn through.  And Ed Johnson, who’s 84 now, has one of those southern accents that’s so thick it sounds like an entirely different language.  If only you could hear Brad’s perfect imitation of it.


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