Farmers & Artisans

January 24, 2011

Here are some pictures from last summer when I wrote weekly articles on local farmers and artisans for the farmers market.  I’m kind of ready for spring again – says the girl who lived in Minnesota for four years.  If there’s one thing I learned during my time there, it’s that I am definitely not hardcore when it comes to zero degree weather.  And ya know what,  I’m okay with that.  Here’s to spring that starts in March!


3 Responses to “Farmers & Artisans”

  1. Kimber Says:

    March may be Spring where YOU are (yeah, I think I have that same faulty calendar), Little Girl, but we won’t even start the long, drawn out thaw ’til later that month. I look for Spring about June! This, from a FL lady who is living in the igloo you left behind in MN, and weathering an evening of -35 degree windchill…

  2. andrea Says:

    and here i am, sitting at my computer in a much too chilly house, bundled up in fleecy pants, two shirt layers and a hoodie… and it’s 59 degrees outside…? guess my hardcore winter soul went south.

    on another note, i want to move to noble springs goat farm… what pretty land… farm lust.

  3. kimber, you crack me up!! i only miss PEOPLE from MN, not the weather or igloos one single bit! temperatures in the negatives is for the birds! and foxy, i love that we’re both winter wimps now that we live in the south. it feels right, doesn’t it! : ) and i will take you to noble springs when you come back for a visit. goats are the greatest animals evs!

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