I’d Like Some Bacon, Please

January 25, 2011

I go through phases when it comes to cooking, or maybe slumps is a better word, when I get stuck in a rut and don’t know what to cook.  Right now we’ve been eating a lot of vegetarian food, beans and lentils and whatnot, partly because I recently got Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian out of the library, which I must say is a fabulous cookbook and I highly recommend it.  In my non-expert opinion, the best vegetarian cookbooks are written by non-vegetarians.  I mean, with a few flips of the pages when we had no idea what to make for dinner last week, out came corn cakes topped with a poached egg and chimichurri sauce.  That Mark Bittman is one classy guy.

But enough about vegetables.  I want bacon.  Specifically Benton’s Bacon.  These pictures were taken last November when we road tripped to Benton’s one sunny afternoon, had a three hour tour of the place, left with a robust amount of pork and camped for the night nearby.  For dinner we had country ham, which I strongly feel should completely replace the beloved Honey Baked Ham of the 1980s. That is not real ham after you’ve tried country ham.  And for breakfast the next morning, eggs and bacon cooked on a Coleman stove.  Just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water, it’s as if that specific smoky flavor that is Benton’s signature look, is pouring out of my computer screen.  I think I need a bacon fix.


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