My Love of Goats

February 1, 2011

I believe that goats may be my favorite animal.  I mean, look at this face.  This lady was the ring leader of the bunch, the one who noticed the electric fence was down, rounded up all her pals, made sure no one was looking and took off running, only to be distracted 20 feet into her getaway by the giant bag of dog food resting up against the side of the barn, at which point she head butted everyone out of her way, ate until she had her fill and then moved on to the nearby hydrangeas and pear trees.  I love the look she’s giving me.  She means business.

I just emailed this farm to see about going out there again to take some photos, this time though, of baby goats.  Baby goats that they bottle feed.  Yes, bottle feed.  I can’t even imagine anything cuter.  Just the thought of it makes me feel like I’m five years old again reading that book from the 70s called The Little Lamb.  Did anyone else read that series?  They are simply the best.  There’s The Little Duck, The Little Pig, The Little Puppy — you get the idea, any animal that is the cutest thing imaginable as a baby and this eight year old 70s farm girl with long blonde hair and corduroy pants raises them until they’re old enough to go off on their own.  It’s all about the photos, and they are amazing.

Perhaps I will do my own version of those books, because really, there’s no reason why they have to be kid-specific.  Name an adult who doesn’t want to see photos of baby goats being bottle fed.  Or kittens playing in the grass.  I’m convinced that such a person does not exist.  In the meantime, here are some photos of the soon-to-be-parents.


9 Responses to “My Love of Goats”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    dude you are so right on with goats being the best animal ever. They’re my favorite too! And also, chasing and catching baby goats is one heck of workout, if you’re ever looking for one.

  2. Kimber Says:

    Well I think the little white goat, by himself, looks a bit like Drew, so I guess I get the love part…

  3. haha! i’m gonna tell drew you said that. you’re kind of right though, perhaps he was a goat in another life….

  4. A man at my current ‘work place’ once cut out a picture of a goat and put it over his own picture in his building I.D. card, where it remained for two years before one someone (from security personnel) noticed 🙂

  5. andrea Says:

    so cute is right…! until they eat everything in your garden. not talking from personal experience, but i’ve heard stories… can’t wait to see your little baby goat pics…!

  6. amberruth Says:

    Goats freak me out! The rectangle pupils… I don’t know, I think they have leanings towards evil. My advice is stay away from goats.

  7. mary scheu Says:

    If any of my wedding pics look as good as any of these I am going to be thrilled!
    Nice work!

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