The Dinner Project: Week 4

February 7, 2011

This was a week of firsts.  The first thing we discovered is that warm corn tortillas, filled with just about anything and topped with salsa, makes for a most satisfying meal. Why am I only learning this now?  I’m officially hooked, both on making them at home as well as eating them at Mas Tacos, a little neighborhood joint that we finally made it to this weekend.  It is there that they have mastered the art of the taco and if you live in Nashville, go there.  Now.  You will not be disappointed.

The other thing I found out is that there is a fine line between the words subtle and boring.  On the blog where I found the recipe for the red lentil soup I made on Tuesday, the author waxed poetic about the subtle beauty of the soup, convincing the reader of its hidden depth and glory, but in fact, it had no depth to speak of and was the most boring red lentil soup ever.  Tis a pity because it was full of potential.

On Thursday we went to a friend of a friend’s for their weekly dinner get together where we feasted on a version of taco salad circa 1986, and I’m pretty sure it had been that long since I last had it.  It was a blast from the past, to say the least.  One of those weirdly-delicious-but-you-feel-a-little-bit-wrong-for-liking-it type of meal.  The 80s were a funny time.

Monday, January 31 – Warm corn tortillas filled with leftover roasted chicken, sauted onions, feta and chipotle salsa

Tuesday, February 1 – Boring red lentil soup with lemon (and a large dollop of Sriracha to make it somewhat interesting)

Wednesday, February 2 – Roasted potatoes, carrots and onions topped with shredded chicken, chimmichuri sauce and feta (we literally cleaned out our fridge with this meal and it actually turned out surprisingly delicious)

Thursday, February 3 – 1986 Taco Salad

Friday, February 4 – Homemade pizza with sauted onions, spinach and mushrooms (photo above)

Saturday, February 5 – We tried out a new restaurant in our hood, Coopers, and split a Pork Confit “Cuban Sandwich” which, to use their description, was crispy pork confit with shaved Benton’s country ham, gruyere and grain mustard on a grilled hoagie.  They had me at Benton’s country ham.  Yum.

Sunday, February 6 – The Super Bowl.  Dinner: nachos and beer.


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