The Dinner Project: Week 5

February 15, 2011

Obviously this photo is not representative of this week’s Dinner Project. I bought this yesterday at Home Depot while Drew was buying nails and screws and drill bits and other exciting dude stuff. Isn’t it pretty? We have such great window light at our place so I think this little plant will be quite content for a while.

Ah, window light. How I miss thee when it comes to photographing my dinner. Today I simply couldn’t bring myself to put another fluorescent lit photograph of my meal up here. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or want everything to be perfect and flawless, it’s just that, to be perfectly honest, I’m a bit bored. Bored of photographing the few plates and bowls that I own and of darkness descending upon me at 6pm when I’m finally ready to cook dinner and wishing for a lovely ray of window light to illuminate my photograph.

I was going to put a photo up of the delicious Spinach and Orzo Salad we made for dinner on Sunday night, but when I looked at the photo in its finished state, bright green spinach flecked with bits of dark purple kalamata olives, sadly, it did nothing for me.  So I scrapped it, which is why you find yourself staring at a photo of a plant.

But I’m okay that. I just chalk it up to this limbo time of year we’re in right now, it is after all almost March and to put it so eloquently in the words of Garrison Keillor, “God invented the month of March for people who don’t drink to understand what a hangover is like.” So true, so true.

Monday, February 7 – Sauted spinach, roasted tomatoes and garlic on top of pasta sprinkled with a wee bit of mozzarella

Tuesday, February 8 – Split pea potato soup (a less pea-y version and quite delicious)

Wednesday, February 9 – Roasted shrimp with herb sauce over brown rice & sauted zucchini with parsley and lemon (um, this was super duper delicious and I will put the recipe up on this here blog soon)

Thursday, February 10 – Drew’s epic long day of tiling a kitchen floor: Take out pizza with mushrooms, olives, gyro meat and feta. yum

Friday, February 11 – Date night at Holland House! We shared a burger which totally hit the spot as well as a bowl of pasta with chickpeas, olives, artichokes and other delicious ingredients that I can’t remember

Saturday, February 12 – Popcorn, pistachio ice cream and a glass of wine (after a late lunch)

Sunday, February 13 – Spinach & Orzo salad


One Response to “The Dinner Project: Week 5”

  1. grwhryrpltd Says:

    hmm. maybe you should consider a breakfast project for the remainder of winter…

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