A Walk Around My Hood

April 15, 2011

I was inspired the other day by my friend Andrea’s blog. I should clarify, my oldest friend Andrea, for we have been on a scavenger hunt in a thunderstorm together on my 16th birthday, spent countless hours making friendship bracelets, rummaging through the Bead Gallery to find the right supply of earring-making materials, we’ve baked who knows how many dozens of cookies, spent many a hot summer afternoon eating giant ice cream cones from Washtenaw Dairy. And dare I say it, I think we might have even done a little cross-stitching as well. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I used to have the patience for cross-stitching, I’d like to work toward that level of patience again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Andrea is the craftiest lady I know. And not in the scary, perfectionist, Martha Stewart sort of way. No, Andrea is what I imagine Martha Stewart wishes she could be like if not for the Roman Empire of housekeeping tips and do-it-yourself Faberge egg instructions she’s built. Perhaps Martha could’ve avoided her time in the clink if she’d just let her hair air dry every once in a while or jumped in a mud puddle without the proper rain boots. Or maybe if she’d just taken a few moments to admire the way the sunlight dances off a pile of spilled glitter as it streams through the window instead of cleaning it up right away, her life would’ve taken a different, less felony-related path. It’s something to think about, Martha, could’ve been as easy as that.

Andrea is a truly inspired creative person, and most of the time I just sit back and watch in awe at what she can do with a roll of tape, some glue and a ball of string. And maybe a little glitter if she’s feeling fancy. She is a crafty girl version of MacGyver. And her garden, oh her garden!, is so lovely. Aside from it being simply beautiful, it’s also fun and quirky in that Andrea sort of way. In an effort to reuse old wine bottles, she decided to collect them over the course of a few years and use them to edge the garden in their backyard. I imagine when the light hits it at the right time of day, it is like a kaleidoscope. One day when we buy a house, I will hire her to landscape and design the whole thing so that we can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Which brings me back to my inspiration from her blog, Grow Where You’re Planted. A few weeks ago she herself was inspired by one of her friend’s blogs and posted photos that she took on a walk around her neighborhood. It’s called a Winter Walk Off and the rules are this: to walk off the doldrums of winter (even though it hasn’t been winter here for a while), post an entry describing the things you see in your neighborhood while walking it, on your own two feet… photos from your garden are not permissible (which works for me because all I have are two dead mums in pots on my porch).

I thought this would be fun to participate in since 1) I’ve been in a bit of a photography slump lately, 2) I just started using a new old lens that I used to use on my old Pentax film camera and thought it would be fun to re-break it in on a walk around the hood, and 3) I don’t think I’ve posted any pics of my neighborhood, so here ya go. When I used to use this lens on my trusty Pentax K1000, I’d always shoot black and white, so I decided to do these as black and white as well.

Welcome to a small slice of East Nashville.

cement and a dandelion

a pretty spring tree

this is a few blocks from our house, they have a good beer selection

daffodils or something like a daffodil

i want this airstream. except then i'd need a new car

this is the cutest shop

the window of the garden shop, they sell other stuff too

i looked up and saw this, so i took a picture

the fire house. i love it, it looks so grand and southern. there are a couple wooden rocking chairs on the porch and a lot of times the fire fighters will be sitting there chatting and rocking

the doors of the church across the street from the fire house

a street in east nashville

scooters outside of an elementary school

tulips are my favorite flower, and these tulips were dark purple which is my favorite color

this gallery is cool. it's just about a mile from my house in the five points area

this place is called i dream of weenie and they only serve hot dogs. it seems though that they've gone out of business which might be due to the fact that their hot dogs weren't very good

this place is also really cool. you should check it out when you come visit

ooh, i like this place. it's super delicious and ridiculously romantic but in a rustic sort of way.

welcome to east end


2 Responses to “A Walk Around My Hood”

  1. andrea Says:

    Carolyn my dear, dear friend… I too cherish our nerdy, crafty adolescent inclinations! I’ll be fine if I never knead a dry block of fimo again, but will never take back the lessons of observation and feelings of accomplishment our various enterprises of craft brought us. I’m so glad to see you returning to your trusty lens and b&w photos, for you truly capture a beautiful and curious perspective. Print up a copy of the dark tulips for me will you…? I’ll pick it up when I stop for a real visit to e.nashville, hopefully soon! XOX

    • ha! FIMO! i would’ve never remembered the name of that stuff. we were crafty bitches! i love that dark tulip pic too, it’s funny because for some reason it reminds me of when i’d shoot black and white film, there’s something about it. can’t wait to show you around east nash for reals! love ya foxy! xoxo

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