Going Back In Time

May 2, 2011

Drew and I are heading out to New York and New Jersey in a few weeks to visit friends and family. He hasn’t been back out there, to Connecticut and Long Island where he grew up, since 1999. And I haven’t been back to Spring Lake, NJ, where I grew up going to my grandparents house on the shore, in nearly 14 years. It’ll be a blast from the past for both of us.


I spent a lot of time on this beach chair in my younger years, fresh from swimming in the ocean where I was petrified that the undertow would sweep me away into the watery abyss. I remember swarms of jelly fish at high tide and perhaps that’s a memory exaggerated over time, but I swear there were thousands of them, maybe even millions. Jelly fish are gross.


This picture cracks me up because how nasty is that sewer grate I’m touching? I love that whoever took this picture was like, “Smile!” instead of “Gross, don’t touch that!” This was probably an ice cream cone from the Sunday Times in Spring Lake, I’m pretty sure we were regulars there.

Me, my sister Laura, my brother Dave and my grandma. Drew says I still make this exact same face.


Me and my sister Sarah; and me on the front stoop of my grandparents house.

And my sweet Aunt Jean who we’re going to see in New Jersey. She’s seriously the best.


3 Responses to “Going Back In Time”

  1. grwhryrpltd Says:

    you are so stinkin cute! love that smile, it hasn’t changed a bit 😉 have fun, tell aunt jean hello for me!

  2. kimberly Says:

    i love these!!!! you were so adorable… and you still are : )

  3. kimberly Says:

    what a cutie… i love these!

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