The Dinner Project: Week 16

May 7, 2011

Last week, after three days of rain and thunderstorms, Drew and I skipped town and went camping for the night at Foster Falls. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, Tennessee is so very very beautiful. And everything always tastes better when cooked over a fire. Especially steak.

Foster Falls

We walked over this bridge to get to the falls

The bridge went over this river

Looking down

Looking up

We came back from our hike and drank a beer

Then Drew carved up some sticks for us to cook steak

These sticks, to be precise

And I set up the tent



Guacamole for the fajitas

Camping spices: oil, salt & pepper

Our dinner cooking over the was so delicious

The Dinner Project: Week 16

Monday, April 25 – Brown rice salad with garbanzo beans, tuna, pumpkin seeds, green onion, parsley, olive oil & lemon

Tuesday, April 26 – We split a burger and a chicken sandwich at The Edgefield while playing darts and watching basketball

Wednesday, April 27 – Pearled barley pilaf with shrimp, broccoli, jalapeno, parsley & cashews (pearled barley is my new favorite grain!)

Thursday, April 28 – Camping at Foster Falls! Steak cooked on a stick over the fire, zucchini wrapped in tin foil & cooked over the fire & fresh guacamole all wrapped up in a flour tortilla; ears of corn wrapped in tin foil & cooked over the fire; dark chocolate with hazelnuts for dessert (Delicious! Everything tastes better cooked over a fire)

Friday, April 29 – Fried eggs & roasted potatoes

Saturday, April 30 – Amy Delvin’s Wedding! Roasted chicken, beef stew, corn bread, collards, etc. For dessert: strawberries dipped in chocolate, shortbread & lemon bars

Sunday, May 1 – Hummus pancakes with Mediterranean spices (from Mark Bittman’s The Food Matters cookbook, I highly recommend this cookbook. Everything I’ve made from it has been absolutely delicious)


One Response to “The Dinner Project: Week 16”

  1. amberruth Says:

    What beautiful Nature!! And photographs.

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