Portfolio: Portraits

January 6, 2012

2012 is the year of CarolynManney.com finally looking like a for real, legit website, instead of the thorn-in-my-side, outdated, nineties looking piece it’s been for the past few years. I can’t wait to see the finished product in the not too distant future. It’s good to have  technologically savvy friends in ones life. Especially technologically savvy friends named Rick.

The only thing that was required of me was to sift through my thousands and thousands of images, categorize them in some way and pick out my top twentyish favs for each. I think ideally I was supposed to get my stuff done sometime around July. Of 2011. But instead I got it done three days ago. Fashionably late, as I like to remind myself.

Turns out I get overwhelmed really easily at the thought of having to figure out what it is that I’m doing, or what I ultimately want, with photography. And sifting through nearly 6 years of photographs forces you, whether you want it to or not, to ask yourself some questions, like, what exactly is it that I want to say with this here camera? I’m not sure that I really figured anything out, but I am pleased to say that I conquered the abyss of images and I now present you with the first round draft picks for the Portraits section.




One Response to “Portfolio: Portraits”

  1. kimberly Says:

    these are great, manney! keep up the great work!!!

    luv ya.

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