July 24, 2012

I have a soft spot in my heart for Detroit. My parents used to take us there somewhat often as kids, to Tigers games, The Detroit Institute of Art, plays at the Hilberry Theater at Wayne State. As I got older I’d go there with friends to see concerts, to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in Hart Plaza. I saw Les Miserables at the Fox Theater with my sister where I fell into its mesmerizing musical trap, convincing me to buy the CD and play it on repeat learning nearly every word to every song. Still to this day I could sing you a tune or two, I wish I had that kind of memory for stuff I learned in college.

I also learned how to take photographs in Detroit in my late teens, early twenties. It’s where I fell in love with architecture. The buildings, crisscrossing lines, grandeur bumped right up next to decay, it was a feast for my eyes, and still is. I hadn’t roamed around Detroit with a camera in quite a while but a couple weeks ago Drew and I were back in Ann Arbor for a few days, and on the morning of my birthday, after breakfast at a diner, we did just that. And here’s a little bit of what I saw.


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