I’d Rather Be Here Now

October 22, 2012

Curiously, I find myself living in Asheville, North Carolina. In a cabin nonetheless, right down the hill from a pair of miniature goats, a handful of hens and two surly roosters. When I step back and observe my surroundings, Asheville is like a combination of a lot of the places we’ve lived before, with just enough southern flair to keep it low key.

The access to breathtaking natural beauty brings me back to my early twenties in Boulder, growlers of super hoppy IPAs remind me of Minnesota, specifically Duluth and even more specifically, Fitgers. The used bookstores transport me to rainy winter days in Seattle and walking around downtown puts me right back to where it all began, Ann Arbor.

We found ourselves at a crossroads this summer, a fork in the road, I guess you could say. And as crazy as it felt to make the decision, as unsure of our path as we were, and with nothing to follow but our hearts, we decided to boldly forge ahead and continue this journey we started 11 years ago, the journey to find our home. The place that suits us, our interests and our careers like a comfortable, well-worn glove.

And all I can really tell you, 22 days into the fifth leg of this decade long adventure, is that each place keeps getting better. Crazy feeling for sure, but oh so good at the same time.







3 Responses to “I’d Rather Be Here Now”

  1. Kimber Says:


  2. Katy Kirby Says:

    Wow! It looks beautiful there, Carolyn. Best of luck to you guys in Asheville!

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