A Week in Photos: August 5th

August 12, 2013


On Friday we packed our car with camping gear, hit the road and two hours later ended up in Mountain Rest, South Carolina. I loved everything about this weekend. It really hit the spot.


Dinner fixings the first night. Fried rice with bacon, carrots, green onions, kale, ginger, garlic & a sprinkle of cilantro mint herb salt, eaten while sitting beside a creek with a glass of wine.


The resident campsite snail.


We snacked all weekend on these freshly roasted peanuts we picked up at a little hole-in-the-wall grocery. I normally don’t feel one way or another about shelled peanuts, but dang these were sooo good! Freshly roasted is where’s it at.


On Saturday we hiked down to the Chattooga River. It’s a Wild and Scenic River which I think means it’s protected and will hopefully stay this way forever. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I felt like I was in A River Runs Through It.


We when got back on Sunday we made peach jam with the five pounds of peaches we got at that same peanut grocery.


Home made food souvenirs. Not too shabby for our first time canning.


One Response to “A Week in Photos: August 5th”

  1. what a weekend, i like how you pick up on a whim and just go. mountain rest sounds and looks lovely!

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