A Day in Photos: August 19th, 2006

August 19, 2013

Today is my seven year wedding anniversary and since I’m not too impressed with any of the photos I took last week, I thought I’d reminisce.


Drew and I got married on a 40 acre farm in Wisconsin, about 45 minutes from Minneapolis.


This is us, freshly hitched. And relieved to be done with the ceremony where the music was hilariously screwed up and our officiant a total amateur even though he’d done like 600 ceremonies. So it was pretty much perfect.


This is the view from the farm. We had about 50 people, just close friends and family. We ate Thai food from our favorite restaurant; a couple different curries, drunken noodles, egg rolls & spring rolls. I paid a friend of mine 100 bucks to drive it down from the cities since they didn’t deliver that far out. Best 100 bucks I’ve ever spent. Isn’t everyone always in the mood for Thai takeout? Especially at a wedding?


For dessert we had a bunch of pies and maybe a small cake or something. It seems like I should remember those sorts of details, but if it were up to me I’d just have another egg roll.


Once the sun starting going down we had a huge bonfire, Drew and Simon played 80s cock rock ballads far into the night and  we camped out with all our friends. Then we woke up the next morning, had coffee and bagels with everyone and said our goodbyes.


Every anniversary is special but for some reason this one seems extra special. Maybe because we’ve finally found a home after 12 years together of searching the country. We went from Ann Arbor to Boulder to Saint Paul to Minneapolis to Seattle to Kansas City to Nashville and now Asheville, a place that is a combination of this entire list. It has been the most incredible adventure, one that I could have never predicted, just me, Drew, two souvenir cats from Boulder and a car with almost 290,000 on it that has crisscrossed this country more times than our cats would’ve liked. This life of ours still keeps me on my toes and makes me excited for whatever awaits us around the corner, as I always hoped it would. xo


3 Responses to “A Day in Photos: August 19th, 2006”

  1. Pat Ward Creegan Says:

    Happy Seventh Anniversary!!!! Wishing u many more!

  2. you crazy kids. here’s to y’all and all the wonderful adventures ahead. xoxoxo…

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