A Week in Photos: August 19th

August 27, 2013


Last week I stumbled across this photo I took quite a few years ago in Duluth, MN. I remember it was negative 14 degrees and I did a family photo shoot right there on those rocks. The pictures actually turned out amazing, partly because it was so flipping cold there was no time to over think anything and I couldn’t feel my fingers. Only in Minnesota, I tell ya.


Breakfast for dinner, my favorite meal. The key to this frittata lies in the pre-roasting of the potatoes, making them crunchy and slightly charred. Then you sprinkle green onions and some feta, pour eggs on top and bake. No bells, no whistles. It’s just straight up and good.





I stopped by my friend Melissa’s pottery studio last Thursday. I love being in and taking pictures of other people’s creative worlds.


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