A Week in Photos: September 16th

September 24, 2013

Last week my friend Emi and I ate at Knife & Fork, a seriously delicious restaurant about an hour out of town in the mountains. She was writing an article and I was along to take the photos for it. It’s a pretty sweet monthly gig we’ve created for ourselves, one where we get to eat for free at really great restaurants around town, the chef usually just makes us whatever he or she wants to feature and for me, it means I get to take pictures of food that actually knows it’s going to be photographed, the polar opposite of the guerilla-style photography I’ve been doing a lot of lately. I like both styles equally, but there’s something that makes me feel a little spoiled when I’m presented with a really beautiful dish and lots of lovely window light. And this food was off the hook.





1 // Rabbit mousse with pickled peppers, sprouts and a few other things I can’t remember

2 // Red quinoa with butternut squash, onion, parsley & rosemary

3 // Pork rind with tomatoes & basil

4 // Cinnamon bread pudding with house made vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce


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