A Game of Risk, on Film

April 7, 2014



Minneapolis, on Film

March 28, 2014

Back when Drew and I lived in Minneapolis we used to take urban hikes from our house in Northeast, down through Saint Anthony Main, across the Stone Arch Bridge, up along the river path and back over into our neighborhood. This is my most favorite view of the city.


The East River, on Film

March 25, 2014

I just got four roles of film developed ranging from over three years ago to last fall. Procrastinator? Maybe. I’m not going to deny it. But there’s something kind of magical about being transported back in time to a specific moment I had forgotten about. And with film, much more than digital, I remember those feelings very acutely, how it felt taking that picture, what was going on around me, what I was thinking at the time. Like these six photos I took last June on a walk along the East River to the financial district to meet my sister for a picnic. I remember I made a giant sandwich on a loaf of ciabatta stuffed with fresh tomatoes and basil, red onion, tuna, capers, anchovies and olives. We ate that with potato salad (green onions, fresh dill, dijon, olive oil, white wine vinegar, green beans & walnuts) and cold beer on her friend’s rooftop in Brooklyn.

More memories to come as I sift through these pictures.


Moon Pies & RC Cola

July 16, 2013


I am finally getting caught up on developing my backlog of film. I think I have something like seven rolls from the last few years that have just been sitting there, waiting patiently in my camera bag for me to get my act together and develop them already! What can I say, I procrastinate, a trait I am not necessarily proud of but have learned to embrace about myself as I get older. Although two years is nothing compared to the roll I developed last year. Thinking it was one of mine I brought it into the camera shop only to discover that it was from nearly 15 years ago when Drew and a couple friends went on a road trip through the West. That was a nice surprise, the kind that is unique to film.


Truth be told, it has been somewhat of a pain in the ass trying to get my film developed. It is not 1995 anymore, that’s for sure. In Nashville there was nowhere to get true black and white film developed, so the two rolls I took on a trip to Minnesota got shoved into the depths of my camera bag. Soon after I found myself uninspired and in a bit of a photography slump, and all the online processing stuff seemed annoying at the time. I then moved to Asheville where there was one place to get slide film developed, but their machine broke and they decided not to fix it so I was out of luck for my two rolls of Provia. And then I had a job where I got paid to take lots of photos, I thought it was even my dream job, whatever that means, but it was an unhappy place and then I became unhappy and if you looked really close, you could even tell that my photos were unhappy. The result: another photography slump, or better known as a what-the-heck-am-I-doing-with-my-life phase. There’ve been a few of those (ahem! understatement) throughout the years.


I’m happy to say though that I’m finally getting my act together. A week or two ago I liberated my rolls of film and placed them on the mantel of our non-existent fireplace so that I had to look at them every time I walked by. Guilt can be very motivating if used wisely. Then I had a birthday last week and I thought there is no way I’m going into my thirty fours with this film baggage hanging over me. It was time to tie up loose ends. So I found a place online, it’s called The Darkroom by the way and I highly recommend it, and just as if it was the nineties, I put a check for $34, an order form and three rolls of film into a padded envelope and sent it off. Less than a week later the discs arrived at my doorstep. So simple. And the bonus of the whole thing is that it reminded me that getting mail rules. I hope one day there’s a resurgence of care packages, like the kind I’d get from my mom in college with granola, cashews, gummy worms and spearmint leaves.


These photos were taken last summer when Drew and I skipped town one day needing to clear our heads in the way that only a road trip, no matter how short, can do, and ended up a little over an hour from Nashville in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. It’s the kind of town that’s so adorably cute you just want to pinch it on the cheek. And then you find yourself bored after an hour. Bell Buckle was getting ready for the big annual RC Cola & Moon Pie festival that was happening the next weekend, if you couldn’t tell from the photos. At first I thought the town was just completely obsessed with these two snacks, you never know, but then I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.