Minneapolis, on Film

March 28, 2014

Back when Drew and I lived in Minneapolis we used to take urban hikes from our house in Northeast, down through Saint Anthony Main, across the Stone Arch Bridge, up along the river path and back over into our neighborhood. This is my most favorite view of the city.



September in Minneapolis

April 3, 2012

Sometimes I wish I could rearrange the map to have all the places I want easy access to right at my fingertips. I wouldn’t need it like that all the time, just occasionally like when the thought of driving through the entire vertical length of Illinois in order to make it to Minnesota makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. Or Indiana. Poor, boring Indiana. I love a good road trip, I really do. There’s something about sitting in the car watching everything pass by so quickly that screws my head on a little tighter. It calms me. And in the olden days of my early twenties maybe I needed more of those long, seemingly endless drives where you could basically have one finger on the steering wheel the whole time (I’m talking to you, Nebraska). But it seems that the early thirties version of myself is a bit more impatient, or perhaps it’s simply the fact that a couple of years living in a state that borders eight others, has spoiled me just a bit.

But I’ll tell you what, the thing I love about photographs, or at least the types of photographs I tend to take, is that in the end you’re left with the highlight reel.  There are no photographs to even prove we drove 9 hours through Illinois so we might as well forget it even happened. It’s all about the good stuff, anyway. And this day we spent wandering around our old hangouts in Minneapolis, Sea Salt specifically, which in case you’re wondering is the greatest repurposing of a park pavilion EVER, was pretty great. I really don’t think I’m asking too much when I say, in my humble opinion of course, that there should be at least one park in every city that has a fresh seafood restaurant where you can drink beer and listen to music, all while sitting outside right near a waterfall. Am I right? I’m pretty sure I am.


November 30, 2010

I learned to take photographs in Minnesota. I had a tiny point and shoot from Costco and would spend my days getting to know Saint Paul and Minneapolis, roaming the streets downtown, walking down alleys and through skyways.  I remember loving all the windows.